Linen baby shoes for a baby boy are like slippers - very comfortable, look gorgeous and feel soft. Shoes are decorated with little hand-made puff balls.


Note: These are ballet slippers and have soft bottoms and are not intended to be worn as street shoes, as they do not provide adequate protection. Some feet do not conform to standard sizes by age, please measure for a more accurate fit. If unsure, order next size up.

Linen shoes

Puff-balls color
  • Color: White

    Puff-ball color: White, blue

    Composition: Linen


    • Individual. According to your sent measurements.
    • 0-3 months: foot pads length 8,8 cm, shoes insole 9,8 cm;
    • *3-6 months: foot pads length 9,5 cm, shoes insole 10,5 cm;
    • *6-9 months: foot pads length 10,2 cm, shoes insole 11,2 cm;
    • *9-12 months: foot pads length 11 cm, shoes insole 12 cm.
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