In order to maintain consistency, we also combine accessories to match the dress. Thus, we invite you to purchase a linen dress "Levanda" christening set, which consists of:

- Our amazing handmade linen dress "Levanda";

- White linen cloak (without hood, knit is combined to match the dress);

- Candle made of natural beeswax (34 cm);

- Linen candle decoration (knit is combined to match the dress).

Linen dress "Levanda" set

  • Color: White

    Composition: 100% linen

    Sleeves: short or long


    • Individual. According to the measurements you sent.
    • 3-6 months: height 64cm; dress length 42cm, over the chest 50cm, short sleeve length 6cm, long sleeve length 19cm;
    • 6-10 months: height 71cm; dress length 45cm, over the chest 53cm, short sleeve length 7cm, long sleeve length 22cm;
    • 10-16 months: height 81cm; dress length 50cm, over the chest 56cm, short sleeve length 8cm, long sleeve length 25cm;
    • 16-24 months: height 92cm; dress length 53cm, over the chest 60cm, short sleeve length 9cm, long sleeve length 28cm.

    If the specified clothing measurements do not suit you, choose individual sewing and we will sew the clothes according to your sent measurements.

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