The suit is composed of linen trousers and a vest.

To prevent limited movement the linen pants are lowered and loose. They are easy to put on and in order for the trousers to comfortably fit the boy’s body shape they include an elastic waist band.

The vest can be worn with a shirt with either long or short sleeves. The suit makes the boy look like a true gentleman.

Suit "Jazminas"

Costume color
  • Pants color: Dark blue, light blue, linen, white

    Vest color: Dark blue, light blue, linen, white

    Composition: 100% linen


    • Individual. According to the measurements you sent.
    • 3-6 months: height 64cm, pants length 30cm, through the hips 60 cm, through the waist 41-46cm. Vest length 28cm, chest 52cm, sleeve length 19cm.
    • 6-10 months: height 71cm, trouser length 36cm, through the hips 64 cm, through the waist 44-48cm. Vest length 31cm, through the chest 55cm.
    • 10-16 months: height 81cm, length of trousers 39cm, through the hips 68 cm, through the waist 46-52cm. Vest length 34cm, through the chest 58cm.
    • 16-24 months: height 92cm, length of pants 44cm, through the hips 72 cm, through the waist 50-54cm. Vest length 37cm, over the chest 60cm.

    If the specified measurements of the clothes do not suit you, choose individual sewing and we will make it accordingly.

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